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Cheerleading Teams
Stars Vipers Katy Cheerleading Teams

At Stars Vipers Katy, we are proud to represent passionate cheerleaders from an array of different backgrounds and ages. From our show team to our novice team, prep crew, elite squad, and our special needs team – Stars Vipers Katy is committed to providing professional cheerleading and tumbling coaching and instruction to all who are looking to develop and hone their talents.


If you desire to be on one of our teams – and if you have the dedication to become part of a team – then register today!

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Our Cheerabilites Team

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Cheer Intro
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Cheer-Intro class is an introductory cheerleading class. This class is an hour and a half class that is great for athlete's wanting to learn all aspects of cheerleading. Cheer-Intro class teaches cheerleading jumps, stunting, motions and tumbling. All skills are taught by our qualified professional staff in a safe and progressive manner. This is a great class for any athlete interested in learning all the aspects of cheerleading. 

A Glimpse Of Our Performances

Here is a glimpse into our competitive cheer-leading performances by the Stars Vipers Katy All-Star Teams.

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