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Specialty Programs at 
Stars Vipers Katy
We Train Hard 
For the Best Performance

A commitment to providing a fundamentally safe, emotionally enriching and top level instruction is Stars Vipers Katy's mission. We are driving towards our vision of instructing athletes of all ages how to achieve beyond their fullest potential.

Check out SV Katy's Special Programs!
  • Private Lessons
    30 minute sessions
    Stars Vipers Katy
    Our most impactful instruction program for individual skills and athlete needs. Private lessons are a great way to learn tumbling and cheerleading.
  • Stunt Camps
    6 Week Sessions
    Stars Vipers Katy
    Our SV Stunt Camps are 6 week sessions that provide flyer training on experienced stunt groups!
Event Showcase

Here is a glimpse into our competitive cheer-leading performances by the Stars Vipers Katy All-Star Teams.

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